Landscape Lighting

Bring pleasing aesthetics to any outdoor space with landscape lighting.


Beyond the sense of security that outdoor lighting can provide for your home, unique landscape lighting design can bring a fabulous aesthetic quality to any outdoor living space.  Whether you are interested in garden lighting, outdoor step lighting, deck lighting, LED lighting, path lights, much of the success of exterior lighting hinges on the design.

Done properly, landscape lighting will not dominate or take over, yet accent, highlight, and add character to the nightscape.

There are many things to consider when designing lighting for an outdoor space, including:

  • How the area will be used in the nighttime?
  • Will the space be for viewing only?
  • Will people need to navigate through the space?
  • What is the focus of the space?
  • What objects in the space will be illuminated?
  • Consider color, material and texture.
  • Consider light trespass and pollution laws that regulate.

Musser Landscape is experienced in outdoor lighting design and can help you create the affect you desire when lighting your outdoor space.

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