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Maintenance Services


Each week during the growing season, our professional mow crew will mow, edge, and blow off all surfaces. All debris will be disposed of offsite.

Contrary to popular belief, mowing a yard is more than just cutting the grass as fast as possible. We actually care for your lawn as a living specimen, which happens to be a major focal point for curb appeal, and a main attraction for summer time fun with the bare feet. We want you to be proud of the way your lawn looks AND feels.

During each visit you can expect us to adjust deck height to match seasonal requirements to promote optimal growth.  Mowers will monitor for dry spots and report to management, as well as spot spray planter beds if there are any weeds trying to join you in your summer time activities. This will keep your lawn looking better than ever!

Maintenance Services


With the many different soil types in the Tri-Cities area, we have formulated the perfect timing and blend of nutrients to keep your turf lush and green.

We will provide each property with 4 visits to apply a granular fertilizer. These applications are spaced about 7 weeks apart to keep your lawn in tip top shape all throughout the growing season. Following is the breakdown of timing and type of fertilizer used.

Spring – (1) granular w/ pre-emergent, Summer – (2) summer granular applications to promote growth and maintain green grass, Fall – (1) autumn elite application of granular to prepare your lawn for winter and coming spring.

Maintenance Services

Insect control

We all love house guests, just not in the form of creepy crawly, buggy eyed ones. Our insect control program, using a broad spectrum product, is designed to keep bug populations around the house under control.

The broad spectrum application is formulated for literally hundreds of different varieties of unwanted house guests including spiders, wasps, ants, mites, aphids, and etc.

Our insect control program is 3 applications of the broad spectrum on all plants and shrubs on the property. Spring and summer applications are designed to mitigate emerging pest populations and the fall application is to prevent critters/bugs from seeking shelter in your warm, cozy house.

Maintenance Services

Spring & Fall Cleanup

We will visit site once in early spring (Feb/March) and once in late fall (Nov/Dec) to do an overall cleanup of the home or place of business. This generally consists of blowing out planter areas to collect all debris (leaves, sticks, pine needles, etc).

Turf will be mowed after cleanup is complete. We like to have your property looking immaculate at all times of the year. As dreary as it is heading into the winter, you can at least head in without any lingering yard needs. You too can come out of winter, full of anticipation of spring and flowers and warmth, with a perfectly cleaned up yard ready for full time use!

Maintenance Services

Weed Control

Not many people place ‘pulling weeds’ at the top of their weekend priority list. Getting ahead and staying ahead of the pesky weeds that inevitably come, is a huge time saver and gives some incredible peace of mind.

Our spray program has been created to get to the weeds before they even make an appearance. With an early spring application of non-staining pre-emergent (before ground temps reach 55 degrees), we will hit all planting areas to prevent the weeds from even germinating. A second visit takes place roughly 4 months after the first application to maintain a recommended residual rate of product in the application areas.

Included in the weed control program is one application of a post emergent liquid broadleaf for all turf areas. This application takes place in late spring once all broadleaves (crabgrass, dandelions, clover, etc) have emerged.

Maintenance Services

Prune and Trim

We will visit site around October to trim all plants and shrubs in a plant specific way. All planting material is done in a way to promote new healthy growth come spring. All trees under 15’ will have suckers and obstructive growth pruned out.

Pruning and trimming can be frightening to take on if you do not understand the nature and habits of each specimen. Can I trim it all the way to the ground? Is it too early or too late in the year to prune? Which branches of a tree can safely come off? These are all questions we have heard, and are well warranted! We take pride in understanding the needs of all the plants and trees in our area so that we can care for them in the most appropriate manner, and you don’t have to stress out!

Maintenance Services

Irrigation start up, blowout, monitoring, and repairs

Your sprinkler system seemingly has a mind of its own. No matter how many adjustments are made, it seems more are needed each week.

The biggest misconception with automatic underground sprinkler systems is that it is a stagnant, maintenance free system. This could not be farther from the truth. Your sprinklers, filters, nozzles, pipes, etc need constant monitoring and adjusting. There’s a lot to try to understand but we have experienced technicians that can handle all aspects of sprinkler system maintenance.

Within our full maintenance programs we handle the initial turning on of the system (charge the system) in spring to verify everything is functioning and adjusted for optimal coverage; as well as weekly monitoring for dry spots in turf or planting areas. In fall, upon the arrival of cold weather, we will winterize the system by shutting off the mainline and blowing out all zones and lines to prepare for freezing temps.

Maintenance Services

Tree dormant oil (optional)

Dormant oil will be applied on all deciduous trees of 15’ or less, before the tree has foliated and after freezing temps. Dormant oil is applied to trees to rid the tree of any insect eggs that have over wintered.

Maintenance Services


We will mark all sprinklers and aerate lawn to promote better water, nutrient, and air absorption.

Cores are left in lawn to breakdown back into the soil. It is recommended that aeration take place every other year at a minimum, however, soil type will dictate frequency.

Maintenance Services


Thatch is the layer of dead grass that will build up on the surface of the soil over time.

Once this layer is ¾” or more, it is recommended that lawn is dethatched. This is a process of power raking entire yard and hand rake all debris & haul off site for disposal.