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How a Professional Lawn Care Company Transforms Your Outdoor Space Through Maintenance and Design

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First impressions are everything! When it comes to your home, the landscaping is what people will see first. Whether you are simply trying to improve your comfort, impress your neighbors, or invest in your home’s long-term value and resell potential, keeping a well-maintained and beautiful outdoor space is the first step. Today, we will walk you through the benefits of professional lawn care and how Musser Landscaping construction services can give you a leg up on your space. At the same time, we’ll discuss how shifting seamlessly to our landscaping maintenance techniques can keep your property beautiful for years to come. Let’s dive in!

How Landscaping Affects Property Value

According to, landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 15-20%, and they suggest spending between 10-20% of your home’s current value on outdoor and landscaping improvements. Their research found that landscaping projects that expand one’s living space and add low-maintenance beauty to the property have seen the most financially rewarding results. 

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? Essentially, the data supports investing in your landscaping. Not only will you benefit from it while you live there, but it can provide continuous benefits for years with proper maintenance. So, what should you do with your space? Here is our list of services that you can utilize to beautify your property!

Musser Landscaping Construction and Landscaping Maintenance Services

Landscaping Construction – Building Your Space

an elegant landscaping construction service by Musser Landscaping

Do you have a vision for your home, or are you working with a blank slate? At Musser Landscaping, our team has a robust set of knowledge to aid you in designing and implementing a gorgeous and functional outdoor space that will perform for your family. 

Our team specializes in the following:

  • Building custom fire pits
  • Installing landscape lighting
  • Laying payers
  • Building retaining walls
  • Constructing sports courts
  • Crafting water features
  • Laying synthetic turf
  • Installing state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens
  • Shaping personalized putting greens
  • Erecting structures like patio covers and pergolas

With so many options available, it can be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help. We will happily walk you through your options based on your unique preferences, space, and budget to design a property that you will love and use! Plus, once it is built, we help you maintain it. 

Landscaping Maintenance – Preserving the Beauty

As a homeowner, the chances of you wanting to spend every evening or weekend maintaining your outdoor space are slim. You’re busy, and you want to enjoy your time at home without always having to work on it. 

lawn care and landscaping maintenance provided by Musser Landscaping

You can entrust your landscaping maintenance to Musser Landscaping. Our full-service landscaping maintenance plan is designed to handle every aspect of your property, including:

  • 32 Weekly Mow & Edge
  • 4 Fertilizer (Turf)
  • 1 Broadleaf (Turf)
  • 2 Pre-Emergent (Beds)
  • 1 Pre-Emergent (Turf)
  • 1 Plant & Tree Fertilizer
  • 2 Spring & Fall Clean Ups
  • 1 Prune & Trim
  • 2 Sprinkler Start/Stop

Overall, this plan is ideal for anyone who recently completed a landscaping construction project with us. Not only can we keep the beauty maintained after all the effort that was just put in, but our teams already have an in-depth understanding of your property, as the same team who did the construction will then take care of the maintenance. 

Even if you didn’t complete a project with us, we are happy to help you achieve a beautiful property. We take the time to go through your space and assess your needs carefully before starting your plan. 

Your Step By Step Guide to a Transformed Outdoor Space

If your outdoor space is ready for an upgrade, you may feel daunted by the process. That’s why we’ve made it easy with a 4-step system. 

Step 1: Your In-Depth Landscaping Consultation

Before heading to the drawing board, we go through your on-site consultation. We discuss your ideas, vision, and priorities while assessing your existing space. Here, we can lay down basic ideas and start formulating an action plan. 

Step 2: Designing Your Property with Care

Next, we dive into the details of the property and determine every little nuance from wind direction to sun angles, as well as the city codes your property must adhere to. With this, we craft multiple 3-D renderings of the space to bring the project alive before your eyes and make any adjustments you want. 

Step 3: Installation of Your Dream Plan

Now, it is time to make the magic happen! We take the plans and bring them to life. With utmost professionalism and care, we transform your property into a space you will adore for years. 

Step 4: Convert to Landscaping Maintenance Services

photo of a professional lawn care and landscaped property by Musser Landscaping

Once your project is complete, it will require upkeep. Your expert construction team, who knows the ins and outs of your property, will now become its caregivers. Through our dedicated maintenance plan, you can rest assured your property will stay beautiful and functional for many years more. 

Why Hiring a Professional Landscaping is Better than DIY

You could lay sod, stack bricks, or dig a firepit, but do you trust that you will do it correctly with beautiful results the first time? Often, homeowners overestimate their landscaping DIY skills and underestimate the time, effort, and money it costs to perform them independently. By hiring a professional landscaping team to design, build, and maintain your property, you are guaranteed high-quality results so that you can spend your time doing what you love. You never have to worry about a mysterious lawn disease, the ingredients of chemicals, your sprinklers freezing, or a random pest. You simply get to enjoy your property every day without fuss.

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